Codians doing it now


Why, why did you have to follow redcomms footsteps.


He’s spreading the love around, just like how you spread communism.


I think he’s trying to farm badges. Badge whore.


Maybe I should follow


badge whore

You’re an absolute goldmine of weird quotes. Keep being you.


I’m a very werid 13 year old boy.


When one dies.
Another one roses.

Speaking of roses.

Roses are red.
I like to sniffing glue.
The next song I’ll be using to torture my victims is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”


somethings in the air


yes hm it appears to be air


No it’s cancerous chemicals that are making the frogs gay. We need to stop this person’s bad spelling.




if the frogs are already gay, what happens? :thinking:


They become even gayer.


then what.


Even gayer than they already were.


I wouldn’t blame the frogs for being gay. I mean, I can’t tell them apart either.

Until they’re on.


watch this


you are like little babushka

@Aj_Gaming see the thing is when something is gay the only directions are gayer or straighter

now personally it only gets gayer but who knows it could get straighter, these things happen


men, Needless has begun doing it as well


sees people deliberately farming to get the top Likes Given position/Empathetic badge

You are but a child

Communist like-distributors are no match for genuine Canadian kindness