Collision Hook issue

At the end there is a 25 second video showing the essence of the problem

Briefly explaining the problem: there’s two items, one of them is barricade with Display component and contains collision event hook in it, second one is item with “Player” tag/layer box collider component. Video shows, that event hook itself works, my character can trigger it, and at the same time item itself can trigger event hook. But when i tried place this item in display, it refuses to trigger anything. Before this try i made system where there’s two barricades, one of them is “window frame” with Slot component and the other one is “glass” that should be placed in slot.

There’s also a system based on collision hook, but it won’t work too, as if the barricade had simply lost its ability to trigger something. Why, in this case, we have a completely working hook during, for example, a collision is read from a thrown item, but isn’t read in a situation where the item located on the display or is the second barricade.


what the heck
please fix this nelson

For optimization, Barricade and object always ignore displaying some items. However, the common problem will be in the Clip used by the server.

Anyway, the problem with barricade detection with player-collider exists and does not depend on the Clip prefab in any way, items are tested in singleplayer and at the same time have the line Has_Clip_Prefab false

The problem was solved by adding the line Destroy_Item_Colliders false to the .dat file. Thank you for your attention. Sorry for bothering


I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue on your own!

Thank you for sharing your solution publicly, in case someone else ends up having a similar issue.

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