Color palette option in editor

I am currently attempting to create my first map, which includes a large and desolate city block. To do this, I have to use office and apartment buildings, which I want to be in a dark grey color. Of course, this color currently exists in the editor, but the only way to switch to it is to delete the building, undo, and hope for the best. This becomes an apparent problem when attempting to create larger, multi-building apartment blocks, in which one has to delete and paste the same buildings over again, hoping that every building turns out to be the same, intended color. Thus, construction of cities or municipal areas becomes a large waste of time- simple in concept, but taking far too long to accomplish, as placing three or four buildings down usually takes in excess of five minutes. Please, in the next update, add a manual color-switching option. This is quite essential for making maps. Thank you for your consideration.

This doesn’t belong in 4.X

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Moved to #unturned-3 because of…

and the context of the preexisting feature, implies this is for Unturned 3.

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So, uhh… any opinions? This is really the first time I ever tried to keep up a thread so desperately (I wouldn’t let myself do it otherwise, for the sake of etiquette), but this topic is really too important in my opinion, especially when it comes to map creation.
I apologize for this desperate behaviour.

Is there anything in the Devkit that you could use to control building colors?

I’m personally unsure as to how to use the devkit in general. There doesn’t seem to be any interface in the first place, and if any coding is required I do not know how to do so.