Coming soon: A new Flag mod update, with 150+ flags!


With help from Mooki, I’ve found a fix for linux/mac users who weren’t able to see the flags.
I also edited some stuff lol
Now we wait until L2 isn’t a lazy ass and updates it :angry:

EDIT: It’s out lads


Middle Flag


Where is the flag of the Soviet Union?


soviet union big dead


Where’s the lenny flag

And… We need flags for all the forum users

Edit: forum regulars.

Edit2: maybe I’ll make my own flag xd


also big gay lmao

communists roasted epic style





you silly that’s saudi flag not iraq :triumph:


silly billy i dont carie


ok sorry I didn’t mean it ::((((


Angola flag but no Moldova flag :thinking:


Very sad to not see extremely popular former-nations like the USSR here, nor flags representing international governments / pacts like NATO, Warsaw, European Union, UN, etc.

edit: Or rouge states like the Kurds for fun