Commands on 4.x

you think that the 3.x commands will be the same for the 4.x ??? (by this I mean generating guns or armor) or will it be a more complex command system … or do you think there simply will not be ???

All I’m going to say is that with color and pattern variations for the same item, the ID system will have to be removed or overhauled to be used in 4.0.

That said, don’t expect anything to be the same.


In some form, yes.

I believe admins will be able to spawn whatever they want.

Though differences may apply.

Heck, afaik, Nelson has never liked the ID system in Unturned 3 to begin with.

Nelson is pretty big on keeping things organized and properly prefixed/suffixed. I’d say it’d probably be a bit closer to RocketMod plugins (in that it uses actual letters/words) than Unturned 3 (IDs/numbers).

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I honestly hope that the ID system will follow one that’s sort of like in Minecraft where instead of having a different ID for everything (well, everything has an ID), it’d be something like 35/5 meaning a red sedan with the first number being the thing, and the number after being a colour/different design. And with textile variations being a thing, this would be a better system.

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I really hope there’ll be stuff like minecraft commands/cheats; like hitting the up arrow to get the last used command, maybe use a / instead of @? or is that just me?

I’m fairly certain you can use / for commands now, but I could be wrong.


As n3rf believed, you can already use /. Being able to quickly cycle through a history of previous commands would be nice though, or suggested auto-fills.

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