Communication radio

You can find or create a small radio tower and place it on the roof of your house, this allows you to contact other players who also have the tower and the radio, it is useful if you want to make friends with other groups and no I want to use the chat, it works like the walkie talkie but you can configure the radio to get in touch with different groups that have some radio, I thought it would be interesting whenever you turn on your radio the name of it appears to someone else who try to contact you can block her or accept.

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What’s the point of this if Global Chat exists?

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Can you clarify yourself cause I literally caught zero of what ya said there

like @n3rfcr4zy5 said;
what is the point of this if global chat exists? why should we put the time and effort into creating a radiotower if we can use chat?

also, walkie talkies exist. also also. don’t give me shit about the range of the walkie talkies the maps are only like 4 square kilometers or something

As it is in the post is to share secret information with allied groups, suppose you and an allied group want to attack a large base of a rival group, 4 spies have been sent to collect information you will not write in the CHAT "LET’S ATTACK THE BASE OF BOB A NIGHT "this would only serve to alert Bob and throw the plan in the trash. :pouting_cat:

ah yeah, i get it now

would there still be walkie talkies, though?

yes, but radios are more efficient while you can only communicate with another walkie talkie with the radios you can combine several transmissions made possible the comic of up to 3 allied groups.

Group chat existed.

Discord existed.

Steam “group” chat existed.

I don’t know why. But third-party communication programs are likely to be use instead of this. Not to mention that we already suggested this for ages.

you know, maybe it’s just me but this neat program called steam exists and it’s got this neat function called “group chats”

maybe if you were a true barbarian you’d use this newfangled “Discord” thing


In many moments groups only come into contact within the game if you prefer to use external programs ok but this suggestion is inside the game to make the experience more realistic and also like I said before allied groups often only keep in-game contact.

How do you know they do? Just because you were in an allied group once that did use in-game chat doesn’t mean that all of them do.

Also, was it necessary to reply to n3rf and stuggart in separate posts but then say the same thing in both?

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the questions were practically the same, so the answers in turn may be the same.

If the in-game communication is a pain in the arse. Then people are unlikely to use it.

Remember. This type of “challenge” only works if it doesn’t have a third-party programs that does the job better.

Also, try @anonimoanbu thingy.

Just like in the case of walkie talkie this is to leave the experience more realistic, besides eliminating the need to have to open the discord or other programs mainly for those who have low specification computers that break the limit of ram and processor, but in the end the most realistic experience if an allied group does not want to pass the discord or create a group on steam has the radio option, I do not know if in your country the staff is like this but in the unturned community of my country the discord is only passed to group, and the rest of the people who screw up, this would help in the creation and partnership of communities makes sense since 4.x will be more focused on the PVE.

Just reply in one post, you can @NuclearPotato people (used my name as an example big poopy)

@anon95004049 Essa é a coisa interessante sobre um forúm de você discutir com alguém, mas depois que você está ajudando ela, eu realmente me confundo.

Haha yes

wait why portugese

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