Community Blog #001

Community Blog #001

September 20th 2019

This is the community blog! The community blog intends to explore every facet of the community, and share the amazing things that you guys have done with the game.

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NOTE: Minor tweaks to the blog theme will be pushed out soon. Mostly cleaning up issues with hyperlinks/buttons/images/margins. The overarching design will still remain the same.


not a devblog

my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined




pretty cool :slight_smile:

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okay this is epic

Unturned barely gets any good fan art, to be honest. A lot of decent to mediocre art but not good or great fan art. We need more good artists in this community.

Very cool thank you.

There used to be some, but those guys moved onto other games

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not epic didn’t like

We live in a society where I can email and get a response from MoltonMontro.

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okay no one click the link here anymore

clicking the link from here on shall result in

immediate decease

im sorry to inform you, but the someone clicked it… image

Sees (Community Blog)

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You who clicked! I will search for you! I will find you! and I will cut you into delicious pizza rolls cooked using natural fired with mozarella sauce!and I will eat you!

That’s kinda hot :mischievous_zombie_:

If that’s what your into :wink_zombie_: