Community Blog #003

Community Blog #003

November 22nd 2019 by MoltonMontro

Unity 2018.4 compatible mods, creator spotlights, responses to AMA questions, and more!

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i will achieve a slightly greater degree of fame

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your time has come


SMH no license mod smh

Wait how did this make it? Its literally just an image from google put onto a flat plane

You could have included cool and unique new Unturned Servers. cough


no unturned server has been “cool” or “unique” for several years

Most of the content in the community blog is already set up / picked out somewhat in advance, or at least already have a general idea in direction prior to working. In this case, the focus was primarily on post-U2018 and emails that were sent to SDG.

Some things either fly under the radar, or get cut from the blog post because of the length of the blog (those are usually shifted over into a future blog post when this happens, depending on how relevant it’d be). I believe one of the earlier versions considered mentioning the rising popularity of Rust mods / and/or KOTH in some form, but this didn’t end up happening and KOTH ended up flying under my radar afterwards as stuff was sent to me directly.

EDIT: Unlike Devlogs, I do actually schedule the CB, which translates to “a Friday when an important U3/U4 update isn’t planned and a U4 Devlog isn’t planned”. For November, that meant not the 1st (California) and not the 8th (U4 Devlog), which impacted the content shown.


Yeah no worries, wasnt specifically talking about my servers but just unique servers in general.
Its hard to find cool and unique servers unless a bigger content creator is making a video on it


@P9nda Most unturned servers are mostly either RP or survival with kits. It’s kind of depressing that there’s not many unique servers. They’re very rare, and usually end up shutting down due to lack of traffic.

Thats my point


Is this a bruh moment?

I am humbled. Shout out to the amazing unturned community!


If a specific server is listed in a community blog, that server will get light, but other server owners who didn’t get their server listed in the blog, they will get upset and create unnecessary drama
“How come your server was listed and mine wasn’t?” And so on

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You can apply that to anything

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