Community Blog #004

Community Blog #004

December 27th 2019 by MoltonMontro

Festive tidings are upon us! It’s time to revisit your questions from last month, discuss all the ways people can play the game, and more.

AMA Section

Will Unturned II release on Steam or the Epic Games Store?

  • The game will release on Steam. Our community primarily uses the Steam storefront, and Steam offers many useful tools and community integration aspects that make it an ideal storefront for Unturned and Unturned II.

Will there be officially-supported non-English languages in Unturned II?

  • Potentially, albeit not guaranteed. If there were, the most likely language would be Russian, and after that Portuguese, because those are the two largest non-English groups of Unturned playerbase. Of course, there will still be modding support for those who want to create a custom localization.

Will it be possible for there to be mods that change the terrain on official maps?

  • For modifying existing maps, Nelson says that a good option would be to load custom props additively. It wouldn’t be possible to override the vanilla map as a non-custom map though.

What will the first maps in Unturned II be? Will we see familiar maps, and how many maps are planned to come out upon release?

  • Nelson is thinking of an American-style map to start with, although there have been numerous suggestions for non-American maps. “Unturned II remasters” of Unturned maps are probable to appear later on.

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fastest post in the west

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This is quite interesting, knowing that it is one of the largest groups of players, to be honest, I never thought about it. I believe another language that would be good to have would be Spanish, as many countries use this language as their primary language.

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Well done with this blog - it really makes SDG feel that much more lively.


What is the process for getting featured in one of these?

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make good thing/ask

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Looks nice.

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A lot of good things don’t even get put in it though. Sometimes it doesn’t even fit the games style at all. Some incredibly low effort mods are getting featured instead of mods which have taken the creators a long time.

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I appreciate the input, but there’s a few things I’d like to note/clarify on:

  • A lot of the mods that have taken “a long time” (several months, over a year, etc.) either aren’t done (Stasven, UnturnedScape, etc.) or are already incredibly popular (e.g., Nordic Armory 2.0, which was featured).

  • The only mod I would say doesn’t fit the game’s style (aesthetically, although perhaps not mechanically) would’ve been Euros Mod, which was featured because NPCs were able to accept items as currency rather than experience. Mechanically, Zoli’s Horses wouldn’t fit either. The rest I consider in-style (vanilla) or passable (vanilla with a few adjustments, like attachment rails or car decals).

  • Community Blog #003 showcased Unity 2018 mods specifically, because of the recent engine update. Even though Unity 2017 mods are still compatible with the game, there was a focus on updated/newer content.

There’s always content that gets cut from Community Blog’s because of various reasons (e.g., blog too large, oversaturation, etc.). Already-popular stuff is typically avoided from being featured that heavily, and that applies to mods/maps/streams/videos/screenshots, except when it’s relevant to one of the blog’s focal points.

Some of the content I’d like to feature is often just not compatible with the game anymore, and ends up getting cut.

Spebby’s right that

is a pretty relevant part of the process. I’ve skimmed through a ton of content on the Workshop, and it’s still easy for unique things to fly under my radar. Sometimes I’m informed ahead of time on in-development projects being worked on, as there’d be no way for me to know otherwise in those cases.

The “Getting in contact” info at the bottom of each blog is there for people to make it easier to be seen by me.

EDIT: and sometimes stuff comes up and I just can’t feature things in the best way I had idealized (e.g., Christmas in July), and in those cases I’d like to refeature a bit more kinda like with Rio de Janeiro.

If you have something, or you know mods that have had a lot of effort put into them, then shoot an email. Doesn’t have to be your own stuff.


Thank you very much! Also could you read the DM I sent you?