Community Blog #006

New blog so soon! (Sorry – no Devlog here.)

It’s only been a week, but I have a small blog for you guys. Read on about GeForce NOW, Easter Island, what’s new to the Stockpile, and what’s new with the blog.


Will there be any benefits in Unturned II for players who have the Gold DLC for Unturned?

There will be some sort of benefit for Gold owners, and possibly for other veteran players (Early Access, Crimson Beret, etc.). However, there is nothing more specific to say on the topic right now.

Will bans in Unturned also apply to Unturned II?

VAC bans will not transfer, but BattlEye bans will transfer once BattlEye is added to Unturned II .

When’s the next Devlog? What’s in it?

We have a public roadmap that gives a general idea of what’s being worked on for Unturned II . There’s no specific date for the next Devlog, but a bulk of the major features coming with it have been vaguely referenced in the past few blog posts.

Bananza and High Tide


i really like the cosmetics

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Maybe we’ll see survival elements.

Not quite there yet! There’s a lot of aspects to survival – and while almost all of the new stuff coming in the next devlog is technically survival-related, I would guess that it wouldn’t fall under the larger umbrella just yet. Should make way for some of the things that would, though!

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