Community Blog #019

Community Blog #019

An April console update, r/Place, mod showcases, and more!


  • Mod Showcase: Three Roleplaying Mods
  • r/Place Canvas
  • Unturned on Console – April Update
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The place canvas was pretty awesome, to be honest, even though i wasn’t able to participate i am totally not dead or anything lol

My favorite pieces of art came from elden ring and hollow knight


…then i saw that damn smile. lol


I didn’t notice the image of Ranni until just now! There used to be a much larger image of Iron Fist Alexander, but I think it only lasted for a day. :frowning:

There’s a lot of great pieces on the final canvas. The real mystery though, is what the small little green helmet next to the Unturned art is supposed to be. image

Originally it was supposed to be Master Chief’s helmet (from Halo game series)


It was a huge “collab bench” as they call it. Initially it was just going to be ranni and the knight on a bench. Then ace attorney decided to join in. Then ori, with its cute little oris sitting right below the knight. Then baba is you, with its deformed baba right next ori aswell. Then bloodborne, papers please, project camp with their logos. And then celeste with their birb. Then hat in time with their hat on the birb- you know what lemme just show you this:

Bit of an old image but still.


That whole are was definitely one of my favourite parts, I also really liked the Inscryption stoat area with all the roguelike games around it like Enter the Gungeon


I saw one person from the Foxhole community call it that, but afaik nobody knew who was building it or if it was actually intended to be a Master Chief helmet. Couldn’t find any mentions of it from the Halo community either. :x

I think it was Templin Institute’s initiative to build it, maybe Halo had some special place in their culture, I don’t know.

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We fought so hard to put our flag there, the fully sorry is pretty amazing