Community map mods help wanted

as some of you may know i’m planning on making a community idea sourced map. in my last post i have polls and it is already very clear that people want loads of custom content. things like guns, materials, clothing and objects are things that i have no experience or skill to make. if you want to contribute to this map and have at least some experience making classic unturned style items and objects please pm me or i’m afraid that the map will not become reality.

thank you for reading.
Edit: might have found someone

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So you have no idea how to make objects, and you want people to volunteer…

it might just be me but i have a slight hunch that perhaps people wont want to

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A long time ago I tried to make a game.

What I learned from that experience is this: If you have no idea how to make it, and don’t have any money to hire people to do it for you, then you’re not going to get much done at all.


This is the kind of post that drives content creators away from your map. Trust me, I know partially from experience.
When you not only write a somewhat poorly written post but also mention you have literally zero interest in creating custom content yourself, then people are much less inclined to join in. You also don’t even make the effort to say you’d at least like help to learn how to make custom content and instead say that without it the “the map will not become reality.”

If it’s your map, then don’t rely on other people to do all the custom content and work. Some projects I’ve worked on suffered from that and I’m going to really strive to learn Unturned II’s content creation tools when they are released so I don’t repeat my mistakes from 3.0.


No thank you bro!


just use france, greece, ireland, belgium, amd carpat assets/bundles and you’ll have endless aesthetically nice high quality map assets to use.

But why can’t you just make them yourself? Learn Blender, if you’re actually dedicated to making a good map it isn’t too hard to make a few buildings or whatever.

You just seem quite lazy asking people to put effort into making mods and stuff for you, for your map, but too lazy to actually do it and put the effort in yourself. Why would anyone want to do that?


High quality

32k tris fire hydrant


a few days ago I watched a video about game design.

the dude on the video said that it’s often that brazilians know at least 3 different things (i.e. animating in general, modelling and level design), while in the US you often have to get a team because they often only know how to do one thing.

be like Brazil.


@FlodotelitoKifo o brazilians are born withe knowledge of animating and modelling?

that was a biased video obviously

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You’re basically asking people to make a map for you.
Making custom models requires sweat and tears, it’s a lengthy process, nobody’s going to just do that for free. Some people will, but you can’t just ask people “Can you guys do all the hard parts for me?”, these people who spend their time learning how to model have talent, if you want to do it, pick up your paint brush and blender, start learning and make the objects yourself. Then you can be more proud of your work too.
That’s my input.

Ireland’s assets don’t work, plus they aren’t all that nice anyway.
Greece’s assets don’t fit much in other locations other than Greece.
Belgium’s assets aren’t all that great (no offence Panda).
Carpat’s assets are Carpat.
France’s assets only really work in a European setting.

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I use France, Belgium and Carpat assets, with the ruins from Ireland. If you’re making an American/Canadian type map, then use vanilla assets, and if it’s a tropical place use Hawaii and Greece stuff.

Objects are literally the easiest (would be second if clothing didn’t have a 50% chance of fucking itself up) thing in the game to make, though the modelling part can take some time. Learn. It isn’t that hard, it’s free, and you don’t have to worry about the person you are hiring messing up.

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