Community "Service"

Once Nelson releases the beta for Unturned II, we, as the community, should make a trailer for the game as how we want it to be interpreted for other players. It would be really fun to do, we could be in a discord and orchestrate the whole thing. How does it sound?

Won’t happen and I really don’t get why you think we’re somehow more qualified than Nelson to make a trailer for his own game.


i’m sure nelson will make something on his own.

The first beta isn’t going to have enough to make a proper trailer that fully represents the game. The game should receive a trailer after it leaves beta imo, when the game actually has the content it plans to have.

In pretty sure nelson knows the most important things for him to show. And how to show it off.

Nelson is just one developer, who is pretty much making things up as he goes along in producing an open world game, not highly experienced in making cinematic games, let alone some videographer or director who has already planned what the trailer should convey and what color palettes, camera angles, etc. would best convey it. I’m sure he would appreciate some help in making the trailer, but I don’t know if he wants to hand off the entire responsibility over any part of his personal project to a group of internet strangers.

If theres gonna be a community Trailer, then it would cancer written all over it

Like i mean really, We would see a penis builtin the background, little 10 year olds screaming there asses off, people would attempt to annoy nelson.

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