Competition Idea: Skin making competion

I have made skins for unturned for a little bit now and it gave me an idea.

I have an idea for a competition/ contest that will increase the life in the curated workshop as not many people still make skins. The idea is similar to a 24-hour game jam, but with unturned. The competition would be simple. Everyone has 24 hours to make a skin related to the theme picked out for that 24-hour skin jam. Then after the 24 hours have passed, the community votes on their favorite one, and the winner has their skin put in the game along with a special skin similar to how the winner of some events gets golden weapon skins. I feel like this idea would bring more life to the Steam workshop and be a fun competition to help people get into modding the game. Let me know what you all think of the idea.


Only one day’s production time is too short, and community voting is very unreliable.

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I mean we could extend the time limit to a week, but you don’t want to much time. Also I agree I just don’t know if there is any better way to vote on stuff

Its not a good idea. Not everyone knows how to do it. A competition is making it so only good skin makers have the chance to win and its not even letting new ones find thier ground because of the timelimit. A better idea (still a pretty bad one) would be a longer timelimit (with basic tutorials linked to learn) any original submission from new creators gets a prize.
Would be way too much work tho since you cant award everyone with the prize without vertifying every skin sent in for duplicates and other stuff (perhaps a skin made once, but copied with a swapped color pallete) Fact is new skin makers would probs make duplicates accidentaly by recreating the first tutorial that pops up flooding the workshop.

True true, I just wish there was some way to get more people involved in the steam workshop

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yeah, this could work. i like that idea.
as long as no outside sources interrupt the voting i feel like this could be a widely accepted and liked idea.

i think 24 hours is a good timeframe too. people make whole games in that time, one skin is fine for that time.

eh, i dont think thats a good reason not to do one. a competition isnt really a good starting point for anyone learning to do something. you dont go into a gamejam with 0 knowledge on how to make games, would be the same as this.

this is an alright idea, but i dont think it should be done, as itll possibly get abused, people could make intentionally low quality skins, hidden behind the idea “theyre new to skinmaking”, even if the participation prize is minescule.

I agree, if there was a better system of voting it would be cool

24 hours kinda sucks though. Had an idea for a skin for months. Decided if I can make it happen. Took me 2 days (with a lot of interruptions, though) to set up all the necessary software, several outdated youtube tutorials and a help request on this forum to get to the model of the weapon. Haven’t touched it since.

True I do agree there needs to be better documentation and videos on how to make skins for the game, I though about making some updated videos, just didn’t know how many people would find that helpful.

That’s… how competitions work

I think what he meant is that the competition wouldn’t end up bringing anything new to the table and the same two and a half people that make all the recently accepted skins will make it in that short period of time.

What if we make tutorials for how to make skins, and as for the competition we make it just a big community event to get more people involved, we would give all people who participated a limited item, like a simple shirt or something, or at least some motivation to participate, we do have a voting competition but that’s just for fun and for maybe a special shirt or cosmetic.