Competitive mod

Hi guys, what do you think if Staff of Unturned will add a (real) Competitive Mod?
I know there are a lot of players playing for pvp, because we love it,
it can work, it can start to begin a real competitive game, because (for me) Unturned is a competitive game, but the mode is missing.
I would like to deal with players of my own level.
Add a true rank, missions, add a real competitive mod to this fantastic game!
What do you think about it? :slight_smile:


let’s just rename Unturned to ‘Blocky battlefield’
Remember, it’s survival game

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This. Unturned is a survival game, not a competitive game. Player versus player combat should be better and more fun, but this is not Counter Strike, Battlefield, etc. PvP is a relatively standard feature in a survival game. Most people play PvP instead of PvE because the game is less fun when survival is just against zombies.

Currently, I think arena mode works out fairly well as a “competitive PvP mode,” especially since I don’t think there’s too much skill involved with shooting the weapons in-game. Recoil compensation and ballistics are short-lived hindrances. Making a “real” competitive mode on a non-competitive game wouldn’t satisfy that many people. It’s not the “competitive mode” label that makes combat fun and great, it’s the actual combat itself.

That aside, I think you meant “mode” and not “mod.” Depending on whether you’re suggesting mainly this for Unturned 3 or Unturned 4.x, there’s forum boards this would be better off in if you wanted to garner more feedback.

For Unturned 3, I’d say no.


There’s only one developer of Unturned, Nelson sexton.

I don’t want to sound like a grammar Nazi, but it’s spelled mode, not mod.

It’s a survival game.

I’d prefer we try to support the survival aspect of the game and not the shooter aspect. Otherwise it’s no longer the game it was meant to be but instead a post-apocalyptic first person shooter arena.

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Ok am going say it a good idea but who ever you play with might take it secroiusly.For example if they died and you kill them they might want to find you it just happen to be some people doing this it bad but it happen so i support this but i think we should see the pro and con of this.Before suggesting it.