Computer auto restart when enter the game

here is the video to show how its happen: unturned computer restart - YouTube

it happen when i open the game with mods from steam modworkshop

delete all mod, or type -NoWorkshopSubscriptions, without the mod the game works fine, i have discussed this weird bug with Nelson, all of the Suggest fixing game from him didn’t work very well on this one, so i want to ask does anyone got this bug or got the almost same problem like me? and where should i find where the problem is?

(computer work fine when playing another game)
(my computer runs on win11)

Tried launching without BE?
Did it work before?

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tried that before, still happen

Come again?

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still restart as well, i also tried normal unturned crash fix before, didn’t work well too

Listen, you bought a great case for the system unit, the cooling fans are also great, but the processor and video card also needed to be changed, especially back in 2000

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what do you mean? especially back in 2000?

They’re asking for the specs of your computer, the components (the pieces inside).

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intel i7-9700KF
RTX 2060
mother board: prime B360m-k
RAM: 24GB 2666 (16+8)
cooler master gold gx 650w power supply

This question would be better posted to a general tech/computer forum, rather than this forum. Such issues are almost always going to be on the user’s side of things (hardware, other software, drivers, etc.). But for what it’s worth, I can provide some typical things worth doing/considering/looking-into.

  1. Make sure all of your drivers are up-to-date, especially for your GPU. Make sure your BIOS is up-to-date. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date. If this issue only started happening after the latest OS update available to you, then perform a rollback.

  2. Make sure all of your hardware is seated correctly. E.g., that none of your RAM sticks are loose / aren’t connected. You could run a diagnostics tool to check that everything is being detected properly, but you should really just manually open the machine up and double-check all the connections.

  3. If it’s an issue with overheating, you should also clean your PC when you open it up to double-check the connections. And make sure that your fans are spinning properly (or whatever your cooling solution is).

  4. 650w should be sufficient for your rig, but it might not be. It could be failing, or perhaps your setup does just need more power.

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If is the computer’s problem, the restart problem should happen on every game in my computer, right?

This restart problem only happen on unturned,and…

I found out even without the mod, the game will restart too yesterday, i just don’t get it…

My computer work fine when i playing another game(like GTA or death stranding that kind of 3A games)

Not necessarily, no. Different games have different demands, and use different resources. Your ability to play (or not play) other games isn’t a reliable benchmark for determining the root of the problem.

The things I listed off on the previous reply are very common/typical things to do or consider if your computer is having issues such as this (and for many types of troubleshooting issues). They’re just basic maintenance things that are good to do before looking for more complex solutions.

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Thanks, i will…mnnn try to find it

Is there have a tags or something so i can start look for it?

oops, misunderstanding your mean when i read “on the previous reply” though you help someone fixed most same problem before, sorry

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