Computer Keeps atttempting to die when i play unturned

My computer has frozen, WHEA Uncorrectable error’d and Asus safelocked me from some power supply issue, every time unturned has crashed my PC. i’m not sure what to do, and i’m not sure how to fix it, so i’d apperciate some help

Also here’s some semi-important stuff about my PC just so it’s here incase you’re like “oh yeah well this here would be the issue”

GTX 550 TI
Intel Core I7-2600K cpu @ 340 Hz
(idk what my PSU is, i’m not good at finding this stuff out, all i know is it’s not powerful enough to run better cards, according to who gave me this PC a couple years ago)


Yeah I mean 8yo+ GPU/CPU isn’t that unimportant to make a note on

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Your card draws 116W, your CPU draws 95W, adding them together gives you 211W. I can’t know exactly what the wattage for the rest of the components are, but generally a hard drive (I’m assuming due to the cheaper nature of your PC it is one hard drive) consumes around 9W. A motherboard may consume around 50W. Adding these to the total gives us 270W, and I’m going to round to 300W.

A WHEA Uncorrectable Error and you saying that ASUS safelocked you because of a power supply issue would indicate that the power supply is the problem. What I’m confused about is why a power supply that presumably only just produces enough to sustain it during low-medium loads but can’t support anything higher would be put into a PC that I presume was made for gaming. I believe that the power supply is definitely the problem. Just to make sure that it is, I’d suggest trying to find other intensive games/programs/benchmarks to push the PC to its (safe) limits and see if it crashes.

TL;DR, get a new power supply since your current one probably can’t handle your hardware.


huh. yeah. didn’t know they were both that old, i’m not tech savvy at all, plus apparently to dumb to realize that when i googled the parts and didn’t look at a release date

yeah sounds good. well when i have the money, i might just outright get a new PC cause from what i’ve heard in this so far is just “you have a PC that’s old. you need new shit.”

Hey Phyyrin,

The Power Consumption is certainly one theory, however I wouldn’t take it as gospel until you do some troubleshooting.

First put all of your components into this calculator to see what your power consumption could be the issue.

Generally speaking manufacturers over estimate their hardware power consumption, most hardware tends to use less power than stated.

When I entered your hardware I got 475W need. Also does your PC crash only while in Unturned and not games like R6 Siege? Seems like if it was a consumption issue you wouldn’t be able to put demand on your machine at all.

Additionally if it was a power draw issue I would have assume that this issue would have occurred consistently. Perhaps the PSU is going bad rather than power draw being the cause.

Regarding the crashes, do you have a picture of the exact error? That information is very helpful in troubleshooting.

I was playing Unturned with Phyrrin during one such occurrence - I’d say it’s consistent enough that either can be an attributable cause.

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