Concept Art Creator Needed

So I am working on a special mod for a server, a WW2 server that is less just killing and pvp but rp aswell, more detail for anyone that decides to help. I am just looking for some people who can create WW2 concept art. I do know that Rain has a WW2 mod but I am aiming to add a different variety of guns, I’d really like help this is a very coordinated thing if anyone is interested just reply down below. Later if we get everything running anyone that decides to help might get paid. I don’t have much hope that people will consider or even look in this topic but it doesn’t help to try, thank you to anyone who even considered doing this. I just want people who can create low poly texture are not to be lectured on how to model things

Just use actual pictures to base your guns off, lad

So you’re just asking for concept art? If you need help with modeling, map making, or something I might try my hand (though I’m a newb at both Blender and the Devkit) but if you just need concepts, you can use Google.

I would like all the help I could get so if you do decide to help here’s my discord tag Hisoka

Well the reason I don’t wanna use actual pictures is because those usually turn out too high poly for unturned.

You do not have to follow the images 1:1. Most people use real-life images and just refrain from making high-poly guns.

What do you think Nelson models the vanilla guns after? As a concept artist myself, I take a look at real life pictures and decide the core design details that should be drawn, and which to ignore.

So what specific things (like the actual guns) were you wanting concept art for anyways? :thinking: Some people are just bored and would’ve done it if they knew what you wanted from the get-go, assuming you’re not trying to make it a super-secret project.

I’d just like a concept artist so my job could be a little bit easier

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