Conditionals (ID and more)

I’m trying to make that when a horden beacon is completed, a rescue helicopter appears, I spent quite some time trying to understand how to use the Global NPC Event Hook and I finally figured out how to use it, although now the problem is apparently conditional because the helicopter appears In any case, although in unity it is deactivated, thinking perhaps that it is thanks that the conditional does not work and goes to the reward instantly, my problem is the “conditional_0_ID”, and even without the horden beacon but if i delete the “Reward_0_ID Extract” doesnt apper and nothing in the logs (maybe i need a NPC quest?)
Beacon: (the ID 101 its from vanilla but for now its empty because idk what to do)

I don’t recall beacons/barricades having support for rewards/conditions in this way (consumables grant rewards on consumption, guns upon shooting, and any item can use blueprint rewards).

This may be something you’ll want to make a suggestion for instead. Alternatively, depending on what you’re wanting to do, this may be something you should put in a quest.

Does it require an NPCs quest or is it independent on?
And if it is the case that a quest is required, is there an alternative?
A item flare when its used will work o i need make it a object?

To clarify – the NPC Global Event hook can be used on anything that supports rewards. But not everything supports rewards, and not everything supports conditions either.

Currently, I believe assets that support rewards are:

  • Blueprint (for crafting)
  • Dialogue (for interacting)
  • Consumeable (for consuming)
  • Gun (for shooting)
  • Object (for interacting)
  • Quest (for completion)
  • Vendor (for transaction)

And for conditions:

  • Blueprint (unavailable until met)
  • Dialogue (unavailable until met)
  • Object has two implementations for conditions.
    1. Condition (not visible until met)
    2. Interactability_Condition (cannot be interacted with until met)
  • Quest (the quest objectives)
  • Vendor (unavailable until met)

What will be easier and more comfortable, an item or an object?

You should use “Flag_Short”.
First, have the player accept a quest with “Kills_Horde”.
The helicopter object is then set for visibility using the “Flag_Short” condition.(Here “Flag_Short” is set with the same ID as “Kills_Horde” in the mission.)
When the player completes the quest, the object’s ID value will be increased by one and the player will be able to see the object.

It would be helpful if you explained exactly what you’re trying to do.

For example, are you trying to do something similar to A6 Polaris, where a helicopter appears near the end of quests? Are you trying to do something that should occur every single time a horde beacon is completed? Something else entirely?

Depending on what you’re trying to do, it might not be possible currently.

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