Conduct | June 28, 2020

  • Updated the site to v2.6.0.beta1
  • Updated all plugins, and the docker manager
  • Certain usernames and words are blocked from being registered with
  • Resolved an issue with some old TL0 and TL1 accounts being accidentally automatically flagged for an indefinite review
  • Fixed issues with the Helpdesk, Tech Support, and Troubleshooting Specialist badges
  • Added the Art Contest badge
  • Killed off one of the Danaby2s
  • Cleaned up the various groups


  • @Armaros and @GreatHeroJ are no longer c-mods, but are now moderators!

  • Updated the categories that moderators have access to, due to some inconsistencies regarding staff categories

  • Conversely, the removal of c-mods has led to various aspects of the site being tweaked to remove information regarding them


Ultimately, the category/group moderator features are fairly hardcoded, and it makes more sense to welcome Armaros and J into proper moderatorship than it does to “fix” the c-mod features.

Moving forward, there are currently no c-mods, and we have yet to discuss the future of its existence. The group for c-mods has been made hidden from view for the time being, in case we revisit this idea in the future. Suggestions, feedback, and concerns regarding this are welcome in #meta:forum, and can still be emailed to me.

Code of Conduct

  • Added the Code of Conduct
  • Renamed the “Forum Etiquette” policy to “Posting Etiquette”.

The Code of Conduct covers incidents regarding hateful or disruptive conduct, harassment, impersonation, account trading, and the distribution of malicious programs.


Users have always been expected to follow basic human principles, which imply things such as “don’t harass” or “don’t intentionally spam reports and flood the queue”.

However, although a lot of these things have been implicit, or ultimately are just assumable, there are instances where having a written copy of these various principles makes sense. It keeps users accountable because they explicitly know examples of misconduct, and it keeps staff accountable to take action when misconduct occurs.

As per usual: discussion, questions, and concerns regarding policies can be posted in #meta:forum. Depending on the nature of the question/concern, they can also be emailed to me.


Mods asleep.

Post illegal lego building techniques.



Wh…what did you do…:worried:

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F in the chat bois

Danaby2 was impersonating Danaby2. I killed off the better of the two, leaving just plain ol’ Danaby2.

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The Danaby2s are taking over!


Nice, I’m liking these changes.

@Armaros yo when you retiring homie

My brain hurts so much.

Also congrats GHJ and Armaros on mod!


sad community noises¨

Happy community noises*

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Welcome to moderator Reich ghj and armaros

Aramaros a full blown jannie now.
How much do you make tho?

english translation of a jannie please

did you just say jannie?
please go back to wherever you came from


I do it for free



Molton why, now we cant get epic maps :frowning:

Wait do some forum mods get payed? Holy shit, looks like im ditching discord

Been here longer than you have, tourist.

Lolno. Tyler does get paid but he is part of the SDG team. Any form of community mod is a volunteer position. The joke I was playing at is a in-joke form another community not really related to any of this.


im gonna pay u $100 to never say my name again

ok but what is a jannie