Config commands meaning pls explain

Can someone please explain what these cmds doing and how it will change game??

  "Explosion_Launch_Speed_Multiplier": 1.0, {Gameplay} 
  "AirStrafing_Acceleration_Multiplier": 1.0, {Gameplay}
  "AirStrafing_Deceleration_Multiplier": 1.0 {Gameplay}
  "Bypass_Buildable_Mobility": false, {Gameplay}

“Items_Obstruct_Tree_Respawns”: true {Objects}

“Child_Explosion_Armor_Multiplier”: 1.5, {VEHICLES}

Trees used to ignore placed items, which could be taken advantage of by concealing lockers or other storage items in trees so that they were hidden unless the tree was cut down.

Certain items like bedrolls and I believe sentries normally cannot be placed on vehicles. I believe this disables those restrictions on the server.

I believe this reduces explosive damage for players inside vehicles.

New thing to prevent people from being able to walk through the air?

Some explosives can now launch the player away as in how Team Fortress 2 does. I believe this can increase or decrease that.


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