Configure fuel_reset, rubble_reset etc on server

And one more which I can’t remember…

If someone could explain what rubble and the other one does, that would be nice!

But how does one configure these settings? Setting fuel_reset: 0.5 will the time for the fuel to reset increase or decrease? And how long does it take for the fuel etc to reset when set to 1?

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Fuel reset is how long fuel takes to regenerate, water is the same thing but with water, rubble is how long things you’ve broken like street lights take to respawn
Edit, the higher the number the faster.
So if you want fuel to come back quickly set it to like 5 xd

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Fuel_reset configures the speed at which gas tanks and pumps refill
Water_reser does the same for wells and water towers
I think rubble_reset is for how long it takes for objects (The ones placed in the map editor) to come back after being destroyed

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The time for fuel, rubble and water to respawn/regenerate