Confirmed clothing slots as of 1/16/18

Belts would be needed for having the hot-keys for items, each belt would have different uses and bonuses.


I’d say they shouldn’t be a requirement, it just noticeably speeds up the time it takes to get an item (its obviously faster to grab something out of a belt than out of a backpack). People like hotkeys, and they have a lot of use, so locking them behind an item isn’t a very good idea.


I think I’d like to agree with this. Feeling kinda “eh” about requiring belts to hotkeys, especially if it seems like they’re not really going to even be a “typical” spawn based on specialized clothing pieces (ie: pistol holsters and tool belts(?)). I wouldn’t want them to be nastily overpowered though either. :thinking:

Regardless, borrowing from Molt’s /concept limbo/ , I wouldn’t mind if the new radial menu-type things were used for some of the clothing pieces. :thinking: Possibly backpacks, if weight does end up not being a thing, so we can have an alternative end-game backpack. Make it so 0, with certain backpacks, becomes a radial menu for more “hotkeys?”

I’m thinking that console controllers will most likely use a radial system instead of hotkeys though, so that could be weird, having nested radial menus that is.

It’s nice to throw the wacky concepts out here though.


Pistols have a faster draw time would really increase their viability. Actually different weapons have different draw times would be a nice little buff/nerf to ALL weapons.

hey guis… lez talk about 'bout the latest changes to dah clothing stuff we may-or-may-not see in the next Devlog:

  • Shirt being bugfixed so that the textile variations look gud.

    • Gets “covered/uncovered versions.” Same w/ the hoodie. Not exactly sure what it implies about the clothing layering system
    • Also military camo textiles. (:smiling_imp:) Not listed directly in relevance to the t-shirt, but… :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:
  • Fingerless gloves have had their model redone now. (Was already listed to have that done, but now it is done supposedly!)

  • Sneakers are same as above, but not yet implemented.

  • Pistol holster = dead now, in place of leather belt. (Personally fine with this, assuming the width is good.)

  • Vest = Ballistic Vest now, instead of a Chest Rig. (not implemented yet, but I approve).

  • Rucksack = MOLLE Rucksack (:smiling_imp:)

    • (implemented, but gets buckles and pins too?)
    • reminded me that I was thinking about how we need physics on tassels :wink: and festive hats :wink:
  • Quiver is also implemented now, and is probably able to be presumed as functioning-as-intended w/ the rucksack.

  • Watch is almost implemented. I’m curious if this means Nelson has already implemented some sort of time into his experimental environments yet. :thinking: (Can we inspect our bare hands to get a look at our mythical gloves and green wristwatches? :open_mouth:)

  • Dogtogs, Baseball Cap, and “Hoodie” (scoff!) are implemented, supposedly, I assume.

  • The aviators have just become “regular” glasses! D: They’re also :+1: in.


i was going to like your comment but then you did all those emojis

also i’ll talk to whomstevereth i please website


Just an update that all the clothing items have been implemented, just need some tweaks and things (MOLLE Rucksack buckles and pins, and covered/uncovered versions for Hoodie/Tee, and military camo textiles).

Someone brought up to me a couple days ago asking about how mythicals (and by extension, cosmetics) will work. Kinda don’t care about the mythical part of the question at all though…

I’m more interested in: if you people think cosmetics will still be a thing, if cosmetics will be on a per-item replacement basis rather than a per-slot replacement basis, if textile variation will impact cosmetics or skins in some form (either by limiting what cosmetics can be applied based on the pattern and/or color, or by having skin patterns that are randomized slightly), and if skins/cosmetics will be applied in-game in-map on a per-item basis rather than from a main menu of sorts.


Nelson also added these to Github: Not sure if people’ve noticed because I sure haven’t:

Rucksack buckles and pins
Covered/uncovered versions of Hoodie
Covered/uncovered versions of Tee
Military camo textiles

Wait what does it mean by ‘Covered/uncovered’?


Noted up @ post #25 Confirmed clothing slots as of 1/16/18.

Assuming it (uncovered/covered) either implies the hoodie has a hooded version, or layers just removes a part of the previous clothing. Or, the clothing looks different depending on what’s above/under it (ie: your hoodie is closer to your body when not wearing a t-shirt).

I’d prefer if it was the first one or the last one, but given the limited context I doubt it’s either of those. :confused: Hoping that the clothing layering system is all gud tho’.


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