Congratulations on 1,000 users!


but yay

(10 character limit is ugly)

Kool (10 chair/LA.S.E.R limit)

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Woo 1000

But what shall the next big goal be? 2000?

The next goal will be completing Stage 4


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Oof well then that goal will hopefully be completed in the next few days

Wait we must stay at 1000! ban someone!


distant clanky broken gear noises

top 9 :heart_eyes:

Ban molt :hammer:


Still in top 10 feels good mate

u cant beet mult if malt dun exist! :smiling_imp:


I don’t know why but I feel the compulsive need to be at the top of this list.

Look out Molton and Nelson and Yarrrr, cause there’s a new guy in town

Haven’t you been in this town for… a while?

Relative to those three, I see myself as a somewhat lesser-known figure who’s emerged relatively recently (albeit “a while”). In other words, I see myself as an underdog.

Nelson is, well, Nelson, Molton dominates the wikis and SDG Forums with his knowledge, and Yarrrr is a community man who’s been very prominent in the Steam discussions and /r/unturned prior to its death. To even compare myself to any of them would be a bit of a stretch, as much as I would like to.

On an unrelated note,
Let the thottery begin

hmmmm I wonder if Nelson has changed anything on his profile since I last checked it 2 minutes ago

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I am actually suprised it took this long.
Well, congratz.

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That moment when you get more likes on a website than the actual developer

Still confused as to why I don’t have “Regular” under my name when i can see it in my profile and join the Regular’s Lounge

Was your account ever suspended/put on hold in the past? Because I totally dont have any firsthand experience with that. totally.

What do you mean by “suspended”?
If you mean “flagged/banned”, then no