Consistency Check

I want this text file off my Desktop so here’s ya’ bloody post.

Unturned 3 need that consistency, especially with names. Mostly just with names. But hey, whatever, let’s go.

  • PDW is a silly name. Call it the Whitefeather. Whitefeather was originally planned to be some civilian rifle thing added sometime near Arms Shipment or something like that. Just put it on this gun instead, thanks.
    • PDW Iron Sights need to be renamed too. Whitefeather Iron Sights. Thanks.
  • 1911 is a boring name. You’d think it’d be like the MP40 level of complaint-worthy, but because it sucks nobody uses it enough to realize they can complain if they wanted to. Call it the Oakbear, and you know exactly why.
    • Don’t forget to rename the Colt Magazine to the Oakbear Magazine too. Huzzah.
  • Pocketknife isn’t a bad rename for the Swiss Knife. You could also just call it a Multitool, just sayin’. Maybe re-add the Pocketknife from Classic, despite the fact it’d be one of the most useless things ever.

Modz2much needs to get with the program… and rename stuff. Maybe some other things, but come on. Consistency. And typos. Lots, and lots of typos.

  • Police Jeep should be renamed to Police Offroader or something.
  • Mutiple Rocket Launch System has a typo. Please fix Valve Modz2much. Also, the initialism for this is MRLS when it should be MLRS to match the other items in-game related to it.
  • Offical Top has a typo. Please fix.
  • I didn’t bother checking again for this post, but Hawaii quests had quite a few iirc.

I have more name complaints. Mostly military stuff, like, why do the olive and dark military sets (Russia and Germany) not have a prefix like the “Desert,” “Forest,” and “Arctic” sets do? Why doesn’t every military set drop that color-ish prefix? Ghillie Nettings don’t even use color prefixes.

  • Rename forest clothing and vehicles.
  • Rename desert clothing and vehicles.
  • Rename arctic clothing.

Hey, speaking of the arctic clothing set?

  • Add an arctic Ghillie Netting.
  • Add an arctic Beret too.

I can make a pretty good guess that you didn’t add one to begin with because of the White Hat and probably the fact there’s (basically) more berets than anything else in the game, but do it. It’s for a good cause.

Okay, this isn’t just a consistency check. I’m a liar.

Let’s make spawning great again, and this 100% goes as a suggestion for Unturned II too. Spawning in, including respawning, should fade in from black. You know, like when you’re in an artificially dark place like St. Petersburg’s metro and then you teleport to the surface and it takes a solid second for the blackness to fade away? That. I was going to make a video demonstration, it’s been on my to-do list, but you can easily imagine this.

Ever drive a bicycle in Unturned? It’s, like, the only vehicle with literally zero driving audio unless you ding your bell every 2 seconds. That silence gave me a lot of time to reflect on there’s no audio for driving over terrain. This is fine, really, but bicycles are literally silent so they might as well just be counted as feet and make the sounds.

Hey, you ever look at trees?

  • The Birch #2 resource has a face that needs some touching up on. Same with Russia Dead #1, Pine #4, Russia Pine #1, Russia Pine #3, Maple Burned #2, Pine #9 (three times over), and Pine #10.
  • Dead #1 and Dead #2 have faces on the bottom of the trunk.
  • Poor Modz2much, hit in the crossfire.
    • Greece Birch #2 has some “lacking of face” issues. Same with Greece Pine #2.
    • Greece Olive Tree #1, #2, and #3 have a face on the bottom of the trunk.
    • I didn’t bother looking at Hawaii’s tbh.

Speaking of Modz2much, even though sharks and proper gliders are probably out of the question, tell them that I find the umbrella animations to be better than no animations when using gliders. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Okay so in Russia there’s this unlisted compound in the deadzone. Some posts call it a Coalition base, but there’s like… no Coalition there and no storyline there. At all. Like, nothing. Making it a proper Coalition compound by throwing in some of Germany’s assets and loot would probably make it more useful than it is currently anyways, don’t even need a quest for it unless you add like an actual door that requires a keycard or something to enter before you get your infinite Scalars and such that would totally make doing quests for the Coalition for the same loot redundant. It’d be cool though. Fulfill the requests of adding a new gun or car or whatever. Add an official Coalition Auto Gyro that’s better than the Fighter Jet there. Officially add in the Lockdown, but make it blue. Good stuff. We really just need this as a good Desert Falcon spawn to flock to, to be honest. Add in some lore about how the Russian government was getting all cozy with the Coalition, then tried to nuke themselves and how the Coalition evidently has just 100% murdered every government official because literally none remain, not even on the Oil Rig they went to instead.

In fact there’s probably some pretty big lore contradictions if the Coalition is based there, but that’s fine. Just add a blinking red light instead, throw in a note, and everyone’s happy.

PS: I’d complain about the different military shirts having different pockets, but that’s fine. If Russia is the only one (and Germany I guess) to want that extra pocket, then I’ll respect every other nation’s decision to be lesser in the pocket war.


The reasons we love Molt


Sexton is a silly name

plz dont kill me nolson


Yep it is.

Is this the bunker? Or was something new added to the deadzone. Anyways, I’m pretty sure if it’s the bunker it’s just supposed to be a milita

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I mean you have to realize, that Nelson admitted to slapping assets and items together quite rapidly, meaning that these items you have listed have gone unchecked because of this.

Police Jeep

Call me stupid but I was never aware this existed. And yet somehow I caught the Orthus…

It’s the bunker with militia spawns, except it was being to as Coalition by Nelson in some post at some point (iirc still before the Coalition was in the game to begin with).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but he did not ever say that there will be a Coalition “bunker”. He might have been refeering to the aircraft carrier as the “Coalition base” in his Reddit post and that might be where the rumour started.

One of my favourite locations on the next map is a Coalition base, and I’ve been thinking a lot about having Coalition aircraft carriers sail to each map with non-combat NPCs.

ahhh okay, interesting

The Liberator was added after the Russia update so the carrier Nelson was talking about couldn’t be one of his favorite places because it didn’t release along with the Russia map