Console unturned II



So i have question will unturned II be on PlayStation store? Im asking because i have bad pc but i got ps4


Please, do a quick search next time.

This question has been answered so many times, and the answer will always be no, he will not release it on Console.


Ps4 and Xbox suck
you need to pay to play
why would he put Unturned on ps4?


I would really love to play Unturned on my xbox. In my opinion it is a really good idea, maybe even some port for mobile devices.


posting it on xbox would not allow the game to stay free. so most likely it will not


What? Where did you get that from? Of course it could stay free.


no, it wouldnt. Microsoft wouldnt put a game on there unless they could make money from it.


epic microsof


It is like 50 buck for a whole year to publish a game from xbox and even windows games on the ms store. The money console players would make for nelson is surely enough to pass that.


are you sure?

nelson wants to keep the game free, so how would he maintain a constant 50 dollars per year? He would just be losing cash he cant really spare to keep a game on console. Not to mention the 50x more work he would have to do to make it work.


heres the basic rundown of how unturned on xbox would work:

the game would be 5.00$, and the gold would 5.00$
plus if your looking at multiplayer, and you want 12 month membership, you’ll pay 60$
altogether your paying 70$ for the game


nelson wants the game to be free, and I sorta doubt he will make official servers be subscribeable…


Hey but if game would be free on PlayStation you wouldn’t have to buy ps plus cuz u can Play free games absolutely free on PlayStation


Dude, it is 50 bucks, not a thousand. Skins are more than enough to get 50 dollars per year, no need to make the game paid.


nelson said there isnt going to be skins in 4.0


Unturned can barley run for half the PCs out there, its not going to run on consoles, its not optimized enough.


well 4,0 might work, but still… Its way too much work and wasted cash for little to no reward to put it on console.


It is not that much work, unreal engine makes it really easy. And Unturned can run on consoles, we are not it thr PS2 era anymore.


its still a lot of work. So what if there is controller support. Its still a waste of his time, so please stop suggesting it.


Arguing with you is a waste of time. Console gamers are a big part of the scene.