Construction System

A lot of people, including me, dislike the fact you can fit a small cabin in your backpack, or a few generators in your pants. One idea i always had was to simply make it so you build things straight out of a building menu.

You don’t store any constructions besides small traps or lights etc in your inventory, you go into a menu, choose what you want to build, you get a silhouette of it in the world showing where it’ll be built, and then you build it.

I’m bad at explaining it, so think like how Fortnite handles constructions. It’d be like that.

You could either need to have all the requirements in your inventory, and build it instantly. Or it could take time and do it itself, or you may have to sit and hold interact while it builds it. And instead of having to have all required stuff on you, it could place a blueprint, and you bring the resources to it, then build it. Like how you construct in Haven & Hearth, if any of you play that.

I just always liked this construction system, and feel like it’d fit 4.x well.

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The Fortnite system isn’t any more realistic than previous Unturned building mechanics, and it still relies on the player carrying, in their backpack, enough supplies to build a wall.
If the building system needs to be made more realistic, something like the system in The Forest would be more fit for purpose.

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That was a random example i made, because i couldn’t think of any games that have the same system as it. It wouldn’t work quite like that. Just the basic concept is similar.

EDIT: Yes! The Forest is a great example of what i meant.

The stranded deep crafting system: the materials are on the ground and not in the inventory, the player has to carry large recourses with there hands piece by piece.

Pls no OMG i dont wanna carry resources piece by piece OMG.

I don’t want drones

Maybe CCTV?

Sounds like the forrest.

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