Consumables and Healing animations (Small post)

Just a small post
Since healing items and maybe other consumables are going to sometimes require you be stationary and hopefully have longer use time I thought I’d put together some examples of what other games have and what I think would be nice to have in the game.

Note: I’m not saying that we should copy past the animations into the game, but maybe have something similar like them.



Far Cry 2

So what do you think?

  • Yes
  • Maybe/Idk
  • No

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what do do you think? because I didn’t see you answering that c:

Ok my writing skills are really not the best, but I meant that I think similar animations like the ones in the videos would be nice to have in unturned ll

No doubt it’s a good idea, especially considering that unturned 4.0 will be much more detailed.
One thing I would add to your idea would be animations for the attachments of guns (mufflers, sights).


i think food and meds should have quick and simple animations, but i don’t know about having to stand completely still. i think you should be able to walk but not run.

i don’t like the way far cry 2 does it since you cant take damage while healing.

in the end a very good suggestion, may take too long to make all the animations if they are all unique.

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I was just thinking about the animations, not the healing system that far cry has

From my understanding every healing item wont require you to stand still, just some of them

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