Cool idea for radio, phone and computer props in unturned 4.x

I think it would be cool if radio’s, phones and computers worked like notes in the current version. some radio’s would be able to recieve transmissions from for example the coalition.
phones would have things like texts you can read and voicemails.
(i know the transmisions and voicemails would require voice acting but it is just an idea.)
Computers could have files you can open and other things you can read.
I just thought of this but it would also be cool if you had to navigate the files or tune in the radios to discover the transmision or file.

This is just an idea that i had in my head and feel free to leave your thoughts.
thank you for reading.

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Or there could be quests from NPCs that require you to search and download files from computers using a special device given by them.This would be really cool,because the Turned will be aware of your presence (Radiation emitted by the computer maybe?) and you will have to survive until the download finishes.

For the “voice acting” we can just have scrolling text on the bottom of the screen when the radio is active with a fuzzy sound going on with the beeps emergency broadcasts (at least in my area) do.

(Maybe a generated voice bot? Like you type in, it says, my broadcasts uses a computer voice, or have the text to speech option on the computer (; )

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Why not just use Nelson’s voice it is probably easier this way :smiley:

We could just get audio logs from real emergency broadcasts or use the one from Twd xd

Making radio’s act essentially like notes (probably) isn’t fundamentally too hard. I’m sure you just have to replace a few unity3d files and config files and then you’ll have radios you can interact with. I’m not entirely sure about audio, though.

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