Copy and Paste and flip in precision build?

I couldnt find any way to copy barricades in precision build. Im currently working on a detailed war train, and I only built 1 side. Building a second one is fairly hard, and it would be easier to just copy, paste and flip it.

You can’t copy paste buildables in free build.

That’s a map editor exclusive tool.

I really hope they’ll add that too, cuz its pretty annoying to not be able to copy stuff. Or maybe Nelson could add some kind of a mechanic that you use up all the materials you need to copy the selected parts. So you dont duplicate things, but instead you only use the materials you already have

That…would be unnecessarily convoluted

The precision building mode is an admistrative-exclusive tool. It shouldn’t use resources since you are already using in-game cheats. At the very least, not by default. Possibly an additional Fn toggle, but eh.

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