Copyrighted Audio for PEI Ambience

I was streaming my custom map creation on twitch (the map uses PEI ambience)
and i got 3 copyrights on the VOD that are all from
“For Those Who Miss Summer, Ronny Becher Soundscapes”
I was focused and I didn’t have music playing, so it was just the raw audio.

I didn’t get any DMCA takedowns, but the audio of the VOD in 3 places got muted.
Please Fix.

Thats nothing Nelson can fix tho?

Thats fair, but we could use a sound library for unturned ambience. or if anyone knows a good ambience site id appreciate it. the sound library idea is just for people who dont know/want to mod their own audio into the game.

Twitch moment, I’m sure it’s not even related to Unturned. Twitch often glitches like that and I saw the news of some streamers getting false DMCA’d

@Ant @Elliot Twitch is a shit website.

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