Corona Vaccine

They say a vaccine by Nov 1st or somewhere in November. Are you guys taking it as soon as it comes out, or are you gonna wait for a bit?

  • yes
  • no
  • am anti vaxx

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Idk haven’t gotten it yet so I don’t see a point for me to get the vaccine

I don’t want my kids getting AUTISM and THE 5G and the BIG PHARMA that turns the friggin frogs gay


I’ll wait for a bit as I live in a pretty remote location. Although schools are open in Poland, I would wait 5-7 days after it was officially announced.

not getting a vaccine, im built different


Like 90% of my family is immunocompromised, fuck yeah I’m taking it asap I don’t want them to die


theres no chance of widespread vaccinations for the public by november first lol, they wouldve had to start production last month. even if a vaccine was actually approved tomorrow, only influential people would be able to get their hands on it by that date.

It will take over a year to produce and export enough vaccines to the public.

I don’t need a vaccine. I’m just a better breed :smirk_cat:

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