Could we get a more detailed moon texture?



no [ten char limit]

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Nelson doesn’t wanted to get copyrighted by NASA. /s


alright listen here pp head

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pp head? worst insult i’ve ever heard @anon95004049

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Look at the pfp of loz

that’s the bloody point mate

if you’ve seen me on discord you’d know my style of comedy is

abstract at best

what discord ye on m8?

Wait so nuclear you want detailed moon? here ye go…Moon_Phases

If Unturned 3.x gets a detailed moon it’s going to look like Minecraft with a giant white brick flying through the sky!

Except Unturned’s moon is a circle! :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here’s a question, why can you see stars through the moon?..

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Didn’t you know that the moon gets smaller because it’s being eaten?

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who said they needed a circular moon?

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Ahh Molt did, well heres your answer

Should’ve more detail.

Otherwise, this is perfect.