Could we get a volume slider for ambient map noise?

I have always been bugged by the ambient noises while playing or editing a map just to have most of the sound I hear be invisible birds chirpping the entire time until I just put the Master Volume to 0.
At the start it didn’t annoy me at all but at some point there’s a limit when hearing the same bird chirp for the 1000th time gets old. So please for the sake of it add one.

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I think theres alread an option to completely disable ambience in the options menu somewhere

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cough cough Kuwait

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I’d like a slider for ambience, I often find that if my volume is high the background noise is easier to hear, but gunshots and vehicles are way too loud. Turning volume down produces the opposite effect. I’d just like to be able to hear the birds and ocean without blowing out my eardrums when I get shot at or enter the train. :sweat_smile:


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