Could you make an easy way to make an server

Me and my friend looked like 100 videos on youtube how to make a server and we cannot find the right one we cannot join please make something to make it easier to make a server and to add mods and stuff please i tried so many times that i almost uninstalled the game beacuse i want to make a server easier please make it easier so we can make servers and play

Try the program “Unturned Server Organizer”, it should help you out.

All though looking towards 4.0, it would be nice to have it from the ground up.

I wouldn’t recommend USO. The amount of time it’d take for you to setup is basically the same as creating and port forwarding your own server, and basic features are behind a paywall.

@SpArk212 Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Oh, really? I never really tried it but others have told me it’s good, didn’t know that it had paywalls to certain features, good grief.

VERY easy to make a server, if someone can’t manage creating i server i don’t recommend parents to let them use the internet in general