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It should be noted that I do not write this in mockery, it is simply a question that many people who speak Spanish ask themselves.
The question is: because a large part of Americans think that Ameria is only the United States, and many do not know that the American continent is generally called that. I insist, it is not in the form of mockery, it is just a question that we who speak Spanish and live on the American continent ask ourselves. I want your opinions


yes this very good question !


Well the citizens of the country are called americans therefore they assume that America is the USA. But yes it doesn’t make it any less stupid that some don’t realize that it’s wrong.


One word can refer to multiple things. “America” isn’t any less correct than the “US”. Similarly, “Americas” can refer to the US, North America, North and South America together, etc.

If you hear an American refer to the United States as just “America”, it’d be fairer to assume that they’re not ignorant of the continent but instead that’s just the shortened form they’re using. If someone directly says that “the only America is the United States of America”, then they’re silly.

As a local American, I prefer to just call it the US, or write it out as the United States.


I can’t understand your English, speak American.

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Well this is something people is the US have to keep in mind and i think we should stop referring to the US as America.
Besides the only difference between Mexico and the US is that the cowboys in Mexico have bigger hats and like inverted question marks.

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Ok, but what’s “Ameria”?

its something that the locals of a particular country call their land, which is dumb co the word is supposed to mean the entirity of the americas, the usage is like calling the british isles England instead of the names of the individual nations or oversized potatofields.

The top secret country the Spanish tried hiding

Also what is op asking for? I’m very confused


indeed good yes,
very nice

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Ameria an island nation full of guns,capitalism and all things 'Murican but better

They can refer to us as Latinos, the point is that the USA is the most powerful nation in the world, and also if I am not mistaken the first American country to declare independence then it probably popularized America, they also refer to them as North Americans , and we Latin Americans think that creating a big discussion because of what they call us or them is not very interesting.

America was named like that even before the country got its first colons.

Named after Amerigo Vespucci, if I’m not mistaken.

You basically described texas

u told him bro gj

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