Craftable militar weapons (help-me)

Ok in general i obtain a idea to work, and i need you opnion to continue

in resume the idea is: add parts in weapons, you don´t go more encounter weapon completes more you parts (pipes, body, springs, gripper and others) all parts is possible you break when you break you lose things (recoil, Fire rate, precision and others), the possibility for you repair this is using a workbench and repairing part for part.

maybe the parts of one weapon fit in another using a springs of P90 go to a maplestrike or the pipe of a timberwolf in a gryzzly for example.

i need you opnion to

1.I continue with this concept?
2. I continue more remove or add a thing?
3.Or i desist of this concept?

please i need your opnion and your sugestions.

I have the opinion of desist of this concept.


Desist the concept.

Individual gun part maintenance are complex and unnecessary to be in Unturned in my opinion.

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@SDGNelson we need downvotes to be a thing

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It isn’t constructive just like RedComm’s reply.

Fuck downvotes.

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