"Crash" and meaningless blue screens

Hello, I wanted to ask for help with an issue regarding my PC, since the +600 hours I have in the game I suffer from “Crash” and blue screens without any sense, my fps are stable and acceptable (+60) I have 8 ram and Ryzen 5 4000 series with AMD radeom Graphics, I don’t really know the problem, sometimes I play for 1 or 2 hours stable and out of nowhere the problem disappears.

I have been getting blue screens and crashes since the new loading system update to

Well, most blue screen issues on Unturned occur when the computer’s resources are maxed out. In his case I think it would be his RAM. I’ve seen people get blue screens in the past from having too many mods loaded, and this is probably the same.

I’m not sure why the loading update would affect you Nick, as the main change was multi-threading. Perhaps too much load on the CPU??? (Just a lame theory).

Maybe? I remember being able to run 4 servers and play the game on the pc at once on max settings with no issues at all
now it bluescreens occasionally on medium settings and even crashes on lower settings (with no error message and no servers running)
(also Its Nicky now btw :stuck_out_tongue: Nick is my deadname)