Crashes when joining servers

When I load the game, load up a server then play it it sometimes crashes but most of the time works fine, but when I exit to the menu and play the server again it hangs on “Queue Position #1” for a second then the game crashes with no crash report or anything.

I’ve never had this issue before and it seems kind of strange, I’ve never even experienced Unturned crashing ever, at all. I can always just start up the game again but it’s a bit of an inconvenience. Any fix?

I highly doubt it’s an issue with anything related to my ram or anything, I’ve been running Unturned on this computer for years with no problems until now and games that are way more intensive work fine too.

Okay, now I reinstalled Unturned and I can’t connect to any servers, whenever I try to load into a server it crashes immediately, then shows a window with the Unturned icon with a small exclamation mark in the corner for about half a second. I have tried verifying files, reinstalling steam, running as administrator, using compatibility mode, disabling Windows antivirus, and some other things but nothing seems to work

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