Crashing bug

Some times when ever im on a sever and i try to equip my weapon it would some times crash.I dont know of this is a mac issue or a game issue but it gets really annoying when you have to equip something and the game just cashes. please fix.

Could you give any more details?

Specs? Crash logs? Anything?

It just crashed sometimes when ever I equip items I don’t under stand

Sorry, but nobody can help you if you don’t provide actual technical details we can use to diagnose the actual problem.

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When ever I drag am item from my inventory to my weapon slot I some times crash I don’t know what else to tell you

It mostly happens when I have something else equipped

go to your game directory, and there should be a folder witht he date of the crash. Open it and… GHJ you finish this off, I deleted all mine so I dunno what to do after.