Crawling zombies don't have legs

Perhaps UII’s crawling zombies should be just normal zombies that have decapitated legs, so they’re forced to crawl around using their arms to drag their bodies around, and move more slowly, but they use their mouths/teeth to attack and do a bit more damage if they attack you, similar to 3.0’s crawling zombies.

When you injure a zombie’s legs or lower torso without killing it, then maybe it drops to the ground and turns into a crawling zombie, rather than just standing upright.


Also wrote about - … Another interesting concept could be the interactivity of the zombie’s body, so that the player can make them “crawl” after hitting a cold weapon or shot from a heavy weapon in the legs…

This is really a good idea, it has a great chance to appear in the game as I think


You can check my view about zombie :smiley:

Crawling zombies should in general have a lower defense due to being in a disadvantaged position. I always wonder why crawlers have much more health than regular standing zombies, although laying on the ground and being much more vulnerable to your attacks; I mean, you could just stomp on their head with your foot, and that would be already critical. They really can’t defend themself, except from grabbing your legs and bitting a huge chunk of flesh out of it, but then again, you must be off guard to let that happen.

Well, I like the concept of zombies having different combat attributes depending on their health and body physics, but the crawler’s health stats are kinda odd. Maybe swap the stats of the leaper/sprinter zombies with those of the crawler to make it more fitting and realistic.


I know it doesn’t exactly make sense directly, but I’m seeing it as a “tanky” kind of classification, where they trade speed and mobility for defense or toughness. If they added some kind of lore behind the evolution of crawlers (developed a natural exoskeleton, etc.) then it would probably make more sense. As of now, though, they’re just disabled zombies.
Last of Us, much?

what if i injure both his arms

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snake time


Then they become Droidekas or human snails. Maybe using their teeth to bite into the ground and pulling themself forward.

Life finds a way.

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That’s beautiful

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I would prefer having 2 types of crawlers. Regular ones like in 3.0 and legless ones that are slower but hit harder then regular crawlers that could also leave a trail of blood behind.

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