Crazy school stories thread


Today, some random kid was smoking a juul, it ecpolded, and it triggered the fire alarm system. The cops and the firemen came, and I think the guy gaping got arrested.


There was that one time when I was in 6th grade or so.
A teacher seriously thought I was going to be a school shooter because at the time I was accumulating notes on firearms all over the world, beginning in the 1800s up to present.
I spent over an hour trying to explain to the counselor and administrator that I was taking notes just for a hobby, and not because I was trying to find the best weapon to shoot up the school with.


As my 5th grade teacher always told me, if you draw weapons, you have to write facts. That was mostly because there was this quite kid who liked to draw weapons. He was really good at it and never harmed anyone. Bit I don’t even know if he was a quite kid though.


Seems normal as long as it doesn’t get excessive.

Back in grade 8-10 or so I’d frequently sketch guns from games (including Unturned) as well as things like tanks.


Multiple bomb threats, a girl getting caught snorting vicodin, and tons of people being interrogated by cops because someone gave anonymous tip that they were going to shoot up the school just to screw with them. Worst was probably the massive shit fest that happened after a handful of kids kneeled during the pledge of allegiance, on veterans day infront of 20 vietnam/desert storm veterans. It was a straight up riot and ended up with all political clubs being banned, and an attempt at a law suit.


I would rip their legs off so they don’t ever have to stand for the pledge. Ever.


Says the communist


A few days ago I was in my history class near the end. We were taking notes on medieval Africa or something, I was half asleep so I cant really remember (I never get enough sleep and it’s genuinely not my fault) when these two valley girls (there are a LOT in this part of Florida, southern fried cotton shirt type) turn to me and say "do you like leah/faith? (gotta make sure I use my daily parentheses rations) and I say “no I’m gay” and then they both have this genuine look of shock

and this line shook me
“You can’t be gay, you’re a man!”


Oh and there’s a drug related suicide almost every year at my school, last year it was this kid named Cooper, suicide via opium/oid overdose

Also do add on to the school shooter stories, there was this one kid in middle school who posted on their snapchat story a picture of a bunch of guns captioned and his hitlist (one of the guys on it had their nudes leaked earlier this year) and was immideatly arrested/expelled, not really sure. And another time this kid got expelled for getting shitfaced in the lunchroom

they were a seventh grader


I haven’t had many crazy school stories, the only one that comes to mind is how a guy got expelled for “planning a school shooting”. He supposedly wrote jokingly in a Facebook group chat that he’ll shoot up the school. One of the members sent it to some girl, of which her mother checked her phone and called the school.


5 guys in boxers and 1 girl inside a classroom in 6:00 am.

At least that’s what the principle’s tales goes… whew.


Trying to think of something…

Would you consider being beat up by a kid shorter than you a crazy school story? (btw, im 6 foot tall atm, and this was a couple years ago. The kid is still slightly shorter than me but ye.)

Or maybe the time I opened a defibrillator case out of habit of opening things.

Or the times that kids decided to pull some fire alarms.

Nothing other than that. Where I live kids are actually a lot more chill than other places (maybe cause my entire state was founded by Mormons?) dunno


Oh I forgot to mention that there’s this literal actual cult of rednecks who worship a confederate flag or something who hang out behind the IT building towards the middle school until precisely when school begins and they return to the void



It was our school pride week this week, which means throwback Thursdays and coming in your pajamas and other cliche school events. It also means Senior Pranks galore. Yesterdays somebody brought in a pidgeon and let it loose in the cafeteria. We don’t know where he got the pidgeon or where it’s currently located within the building. All we know is it’s still in there. Homecoming is also on Saturday but I’m scheduled to work that night so fuck me amirite?


As far as I go, pretty normal Canadian high school. Don’t expect anything outstanding.

You have the grad pranks/usual fire alarm end-of-year stunt, stink bombs, the rare graffiti, oh and the one time somebody hung a massive drawing of a dick down a staircase well, on the outside which was visible to over a hundred students enjoying their lunch. There’s also a fight about once every 2 years where both offenders involved know jack shit about fighting so there’s minimal collateral damage. In that regard our school is relatively safe and boring. The most exciting and/or illegal thing I think I’ve seen was a half-assed attempt at a street race down a narrow empty street.

We also do things like holding huge Smash tournaments on a projector in the middle of the first floor foyer that’s the height and size of a theater. Final Destination only.

Grad 2018 was meh, I met some really rad teachers/classmates though. Let’s see what shit they pull in university!


As six grader, I had history teacher she was kinda old in some day she felt strange… and trying to teach us as hard she can, then she sit and said : Does anyone have gum? Of Course I got shocked like ‘WTF, Why she needs gum, Looks like teacher become Rebels ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ and then some girl gave her a gum and she was talking about her feelings now,

Then we all are playing in the class, Suddenly we heard someone yelling : THE TEACHER GOES UNCONSCIOUS!!! Everyone panicked except me and some of my friends Cuz I thought like ‘I’am man I shouldn’t cry or panic’ When I saw her Unconscious I felt like my heart and lungs really heated oof.

An student went to the next class to tell other teachers he/she got 3 teachers : Science [female] , math [female] and English [male]

the English teacher tried to get the Unconscious teacher with the chair to nurse while the 2 teachers calling 911 the most funniest thing that one student said to the teacher : Sorry, I didn’t do my homework. The teacher replied : What is wrong with you, don’t you see any situation are we?!?.

then, I heard students crying and a one girl was crying alot really hard, Then we heard the 2 female teacher screaming they thought that she died cuz she fell on the ground but the male teacher said she is okay, okay (in this moment I teared) the ambulance came and they got her.

all this happened because she had pressure, this why kids you shouldn’t go to school.


Theres only one person who will go with me to my homecoming but I dont see her at all… ;(


Communism is an economic ideology, not political.
That’s why you can have a democratic communist.


I shitted in my School Playground before


:snowflake:rust me it was not fun