Creation and implementation of plugins?

I am looking at starting a server and i would like to create a custom plugin what is the best way to do this?
I looked at rocket however that is no longer maintained, or is rocket still a viable option? If so how can i set it up and create a plugin/mod

i will be wanting to have a customisable vault an expandable garage potentially passive xp income (its gona be arid) and the ability to link steam and discord

btw my test server will be running linux


I just found GitHub - openmod/openmod: OpenMod .NET Plugin Framework i will have a better look at that later

LDM (a maintained for of RM) is very much alive and a viable option. OM would also work. Depending on how well you can program uScript might also be worth a look. Not as hard to learn but doesn’t quite have the same depth LDM and OM have.

P.S: OM can run LDM plugins so there is no loosing scenario for LDM

So I would be able to use OM and also install LDM plugins alongside OM plugins?
Also can LDM run OM plugins?

Iirc OM can run LDM plugins but not the other way around. Yes, if you run OM you should be able to use both OM and LDM plugins. Keep in mind I have not checked any of this and am just going by what I remember, you should definitely check out the documentation.

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