Crop Mechanics

I’ve been playing rust recently and theres this one feature i like about it.
The farming system, specifically how the crops extend out instead of a re-textured minecraft grass block.

It seems a bit lazy but it works well, with most crops the game uses.
But irl, most actual farmers don’t use sticks to hold up the crops, well except tomatos and grapes and a few oddballs.
I actually do a bit of gardening and since i live in minnesorta, we have some rough conditions, which brings me to another statement, some parts are too complex and some are simple.
Plants and Crops require 4 major components.

Space and Soil

Plants don’t necessarily need this but, we till land to eliminate competition with other species, and prevents the roots from being killed off by other plants


N - (Nitrogen) P - (Phosphorus) K - (Potassium)
I think this part is a bit too complicated, so maybe just stick with regular fertilizer.
When you fertilize a tilled area with fertilizer the farmland would become darker or the area around it would have better yield or growth speed


Ahh, everyone knows plants need water, mostly as a lubricant or path for cells to move across, a vital need of every plant and animal



Plants all over the world fight over the basic need for sunlight.
So they can do a process called photosythesis which helps plants produce sugar.
Sometimes plants (Fungus) Trade or steal from crops for sugar


Well I would not say its to complicated, I think it just adds more to the gameplay :face_with_monocle:

I think you brought some good arguments whit the basic things that plants need to survive and grow.

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