Curated content & the SDG Wiki

Hey guys. Just wanted to do a quick poll over the following:

         How separate should curated content be kept from official content on the SDG Wiki?

The SDG Wiki will, of course, support curated content. However, how much should it be intermingling with other content (be it also curated, or even official/vanilla)?

  • Articles about official content should not mention curated content at all.
  • Articles about official content should not mention similar content that is curated (i.e., a French military top and the vanilla military tops).
  • All articles should actively seek to mention content whenever it is relevant.

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Should navboxes include both official and curated content in them, or should curated content be primarily kept in their own navboxes of exclusively curated content?

  • Navboxes should contain both curated and official content in them.
  • There should be separate navboxes for official content and curated content, with less-direct links to curated content when relevant.

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EDIT: To clarify for those who do not know what a navbox is, they are these things (navigational boxes, often found at the bottom of articles):