Curated Map Quotes



I made a few posters of maps regarding things their creators would (probably) say. Made for fun, Enjoy.


canyon arena bridge > belgium bridge


oshit did you just leak maps!?!?!11!


omg I leaked map


I cannot believe you’d leak france.


I leaked France.


ok this is epic


Kuwait, more like that map can wait.



You see a map belonging to you up there? That’s right. You ain’t s H I T


Why do french tanks have rear mirrors?

So they can also see the front lines.


Hon hon! Surrendering joke is very funny!
(at least it’s better thought out than usual).


Well it’s here now :wink:

In all honesty I am going to make a better version in UII.


It looks like an STD formed on a landscape.


I’m sorry you forgot the best map of all, PRE ALPHA pEI flodded ++plus v2large RP no zombies modded


more leik washington++++ v5 RUSSIA NPCS |NO ZOMBIES|


Your jealousy is so transparent



call the cops there’s been a murder

this man just killed map making


Oh come on, I’d give the map at least a 5/10.

Be sure to pick it up at your local Gamestop please.


wait is that a graffiti on Rio? man I really hope it is, it might be the very first graffiti in unturned!


Kuwait is not curate >:( THis makes ME ANGRY