Current Conflict Server Rules

Why hasn’t Nelson banned Israel-Palestine conflict mods/servers like he has for the Russian invasion of Ukraine? I recently saw some mods for it, and it was honestly pretty shocking that Nelson hasn’t had the foresight to ban them.

I think banning all current or very recent wars for mods and servers would probably be a good idea. It’s disgusting to see.

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We’ve removed mods/servers in the past for egregious glorification or inappropriate imagery regarding these events, and have continued to do so (including a few throughout this month).

If you see content that you’ve found to be inappropriate, please use the intended channels to report them. For servers, this would be through our support site. For Steam Workshop mods, this would be through Steam’s report feature. Thank you!

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If you see inappropriate content, please use the corresponding report channels!

Yes: I agree roleplaying / gameplay of current wars is insensitive of the real-world tragedies. I think it’s reasonable to ban this kind of content, similarly to Ukraine as you mention. I’ve personally handled a few reports of mods and servers gamifying Israel-Palestine, as have the community moderation teams and the Steam moderation team.

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