This is an image before the Zombie Apocalypse happened.
Welcome to Robloxian Highschool, where weird stuff happens in school.


After seeing this,I’m glad that the Apocalypse happened.


Good :blush: :laughing::rofl::joy:

Damn, Outlive really outdid itself this time.

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so… Outlived?

I think this is almost perfect. Here, let me fix this for you.

I can’t believe someone imported unturned textures into roblox -_-

After someone used the unturned textures into a shirt and pants. It then gets copied a million times by some mother bottling theft groups!

SCP foundation personnel contain a montauq-class breach

@pondfisher shoots us marine

Robloxian Highschool is like too “deviant” when it comes to the roleplaying.

It was fine until the fire nation attacked
and the montauq class breach
also if you call this “deviant,” i’d recommend watching mister metokur’s series named “deviants”

What I meant deviant, I meant something that is strange, odd and out of the damn ordinary in the world. Like Despacito Spider or Bendy as an SCP!

prepare for the scare of a lifetime


Okay Amigo

welp, it’s been 12 minutes

you still alive?

Ive seen everything now ( Also I was busy drawing btw )

the series goes on for many more episodes

you havent even seen the beginning

i shot up roblox high school with dll hacks
kill me pls


No your a hero, we need people like you to cleanse the sum off of gods green earth.

Your doing the lords work, buddy.

Here, take this double barreled ar-15 they recently came out with.


“Plays Pumped up kicks by Foster the People”