Cursed Zombie Model I made on Roblox Studio

Sorry, It’s another shitpost. I effortlessly take a model, edit it by changing the position of the legs and place several decals around it and then recolor the model.

I don’t want to see this in 4.0 :tired_face:

Edit: Whoever gave me a favorite on this model, shout out to this being for favoriting this cursed artifact of what we all call Roblox.

the spammers have already found you.

It’s strange that Roblox will delete spam bots, but not their comments.


It still look like they don’t give a crap about the exploits, spams, scams or the free robux sites

They really don’t, nor do they care about their legitimate content creators, nor do they care about “ODers.” They’re finally stepping up on copyright though, from what I’ve heard.


Yeah. they’ve been into some shady and lazy stuff.

“That moment when you bootleg your bootleg game”

C u R S e D

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Supa Cursed

I still got zero likes, dislikes, sales and favorites but who cares

you forgot the eyes

The Decal has Eyes!

i will feature this in my next INAPPROPRIATE PLACE roblox video

there are too many of those out there it’s weird

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Now, I’m scammer.

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Are you Michael P.? You should also send me the video as a message on this forum if your done? :slight_smile:

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I mean i wasn’t actually going to make one, my normal contact is already b o m b

Oh, Okay (Ten Characters)

Weren’t you a sun God before? When did you become a furry? (Referring to your profile picture btw)

we don’t ask these questions f O O L