Custom animation

Since 2 weeks I have been trying to make a custom animation of a dual peacemaker, the point is that I had problems with making the clips separate and I think I solved it, but the problem I now have is to export it to unity
I am using AUPR together with its short guide and I also tried to use the one for weapons with animated parts but when looking for solutions I found more problems, as an example what seems to be mistakes that I made but I am not sure what to do

if more information is required please tell me

If you’re using AUPR, it might be worth mentioning @DerEnte on this topic. Although anyone familiar with using the default rig should be able to help you anyways, some people may not be familiar with using a different rig.

You gotta push down the actions into an NLA strip or place every single action into one action and afterwards divide them in unity manually. Sorry if this seems time consuming.

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I should make an entire video on this at some point because I feel like my guide is still quite confusing.

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The latest blender seems to be inseparable, and the 2.92 version I’m using is fine.

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